2018 Forecast: Kitchen Design

January 23, 2018

WOOP – HERE IT IS! MY 2018 Kitchen Designs Forecast!! It’s pretty clear that all these kitchens are freakin’ GORGEOUS and serve as major pinspiration for anyone hoping to design their dream kitchen in the next year – or two – or three. I really wanted to pick designs that I think are lasting. Notice I didn’t use the word trend… I dislike the word trend. It’s scary to think that we’re blindly following design trends that will all eventually phase themselves out. C’mon peeps!

Anyways – Here are 5 design forecasts that I think will withstand the test of time. We are working to incorporate all of them into upcoming projects and you should be doing the same!


Do I really have to explain myself here? Integrated sinks & countertops are the beez kneez.


Is it modern? Is it old-school? It’s a mix of both and I ain’t mad about it.


I can get down with a thin counter top. It’s sleek & classy – , allows your cabinetry to stand out.


You may all think I’m crazier than your Aunt Deb – but I ain’t – OKAY. I’m tellin’ ya, allow each room to be it’s own and your house will feel COZY.


I’ll admit it, I used to love an even, subtle marble (and still do)… but lately I’ve been digging the loud veiny statement slabs. So sue me.

Credits in order of appearance….

Integrated Marble Sink: Design by  // Design by  // Design by  // Design by  // Design by

White Brick Backsplash: Design by  // Design by  // Designer Unknown –  // Design by  // Design by

Thin Counter Tops: Design by  (1,2,4) // Design by  // Design by

Non-Open Floor Plan: Designer Unknown –  // Design by //Design by  // Design by  // Design by 

Statement Marble: Design by  // Design by  // Source Unknown // Designer Unknown –  // Design by

  1. I can get behind your non-open spaces. Thank you for forecasting that one!

    Looking through your gorgeous brick wall photos made me wonder, where do you stand on those kick-plate thingies (i’m not a designer so please excuse the non-technical term) on the counter-meets-wall space?
    Thanks! Love you & your creations!

    1. Love it!!! We just finished building our first non-open floor plan home and absolutely love it. We love that each space has very specific purpose. We plan of building more of these ourselves! Instagram @gowlerhomes

  2. Wow – I truly loved every single one of these! I’m just *really* starting to get into interiors and I am so glad I stumbled across your blog. I’m hoping to start focusing more on design/interiors on my blog soon – which means I’ll surely become addicted to yours!

  3. I’ve got an open plan kitchen , dining , lounge area and I can’t close it as it’s a fairly new build so I guess I’m stuck and out . .

  4. Hi Amber! I always love reading your blog and I’m pretty much obsessed with everything you do, haha!

    I agree on the open floor plans! They’re good to a point, but huge wide open spaces are really tough to decorate! I added a couple feet to my living room from fear it wouldn’t be big enough and it made it so the furniture sits a little too far away from each other and kills that cozy vibe. I like having it open to the kitchen and dining, and mine are clearly designated spaces, but “more is not always more”, is good to remember.

  5. Great forecast, another vote from me for separate rooms, integrated sinks and thin countertops. Might have to sit awhile with the marble veins… I love your blog, off to explore it a bit more!

  6. Awesome, awesome post❣️ In the first image under non open floor plans, I love the vertical beam at the staircase. What do you think you’d use as railing on that open side with the beam?

  7. I am totally with you about the non-open floor plan. I lived in a new construction for 10 years with an open floor plan and one of the first things I told our realtor was I did NOT want an open floor plan in the new house. It really bothered me that I was constantly interrupted by someone in the kitchen when I was watching a movie on TV. Besides, my kids are older now and I’m not concerned with sight lines.

  8. We’re about to start a kitchen remodel we’ve been dreaming of for over 6 years so this is timely. I’ve juggled it over and over, but I refuse to take the walls down to open it to the dining room and living room. I just don’t want to! I like having a kitchen that is just a kitchen and when I don’t want to be watching the hockey game my husband is watching in the living room, I can be in there cooking to music, working, or meal planning without it. I think it’s just works best for our home style too (mixed-colonial). Nice to know I may be on trend for keeping cozy rooms!

  9. I have an integrated marble sink – for about 5 years now. LOVE IT. It’s pretty, but more importantly, it cleans up like a dream.

    Also ditto on letting every room be it’s own. Especially if you have small sociopaths aka children. When they’re in the den watching Star Wars Rebels, I can be in the lr Great British Baking Show and never the twain shall meet. Heaven.

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