Kitchen Under Construction

September 12, 2016

Happy Monday Morning birdies!! I know I’ve been chattin’ it up about my partnership with and their help with my #NoOrdinaryKitchen remodel, so I figured I’d clue you in on some of the progress we’ve made so far! From the get-go nothing about the kitchen screamed Ambular Interiors, which is why I decided to gut the whole thang!! Do you have any idea how STRESSFUL it is to move into a house and not have a kitchen?! I’m sure there are plenty of you that do, and all I can say is – BLESS. YOUR. HEART. We’ve been eating out almost every night and if we are at home, you better believe it’s peanut butter jelly time! I can’t wait to have a kitchen built with all new  appliances! I’m especially excited for the 30” range – With its ProHeat Convection, I’ll get balanced and even cooking when I’m whipping up a gourmet meal for my aaamazing fambam!! Not to mention it will be well worth the wait for a kitchen with innovative capabilities (I’m talking Wi-Fi enabled appliances) to bring my wildest culinary dreams to life!


  1. This is going to make for one spectacular before & after. From the pepto pink insulation version, to the all beizzzzz wood weirdness, the transformation is going to look amazing. And then there’s the part where you will actually get your house/life back!! Congrats on all the hard work and I look forward to seeing the Amberfied version soon

  2. Love Love Love seeing kitchen design makeovers. Although we have only been in my house for 5 years now, we are totally thinking about re-doing our kitchen. As first time home buyers and designers of our own home we now see all the things we would have done differently under different circumstances. The kitchen is definitely one of them. I can’t wait to see how your kitchen turns out.

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