Znay X Kohler – New Office Bathroom

September 28, 2015

As you know, we are now in our new office and retail space in Calabasas and are absolutely loving it!

We had a ton of remodeling and renovating to do prior to us being able to move in, so gutting and re-designing the space was super fun. I had an easy time landing on what I wanted the theme for the main spaces to be. Because of the lack of natural light I went with white and natural wood tones in the main spaces to keep it bright and airy. I had a harder time however deciding what I wanted to do in the bathroom and kitchen.  All I knew is that I wanted to change it up a little and do something a bit different that didn’t feel to removed from the rest of the space. Do I keep it white and crisp, or do I “push the boat out a bit” and break out of my comfort zone??? Well….I decided to really go for it and chose an all black earthing approach. I used my “Mali” wallpaper as the inspo and the in brushed gold as the accents and went for it!! I am kinda obsessed with what we all dub as the “Disco room.” A big thank you to  for their support and sponsorship of this post!

Here is the result!


Office Bathroom - Before

So as you can see this bathroom needed a lot of loving! Due to the new layout of our space we had to move the door to the wall directly across from the toilet. We then covered two of the walls with brick tile which were painted a glossy black and used my wallpaper for the other two walls. We picked a really cool, funky tile to use on the floor to give a little edginess to the space.  Then came the amazing Kohler products.  I love it all, but like I said I am totally digging their amazing faucet in the vibrant moderne brushed gold. Isn’t it insanely cool?!


Znay - Kohler - 1

Znay - Kohler - 2

Znay - Kohler - 3

Znay - Kohler - 4

Znay - Kohler - 5

Znay - Kohler - 6

Znay - Kohler - 7

 – color: white

 – color: vibrant moderne brushed gold

– color: vibrant moderne brushed gold

– color: white

  1. I love that you chose dark walls for this small space. It can me intimidating, but it totally works. I love the mix of textures and patterns between the walls and floor. Seriously, so gorgeous.

    xo, Sarah

  2. I think you’re very talented Amber,. I’ve been enjoying your work for a long time, but most of the pictures had blank sub comments so I couldn’t link the designer (you!) with the space. You’re brilliant! Love how all of this looks!

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