Before + After::Client of the Mid Century

March 9, 2017

Before and After time guys, and to say this one was a long time coming…..well that would be an understatement.

I won’t go into details of the what’ and the whys, but here is the long and the short of this house, and the reason why I am SO HAPPY to be able to finally get to show it off.

I started it…..

it sold to a new owner…

and I was hired to finish it!

Its a pretty cool house, and I couldn’t say enough good things about the new owners and how special they are. Such good people, so humble, so deserving, and SO happy with the end result.

I love when that happens.

So lets get to it. Introducing #ClientoftheMidCentury


// BEFORE //

As you can see in the “before’s”, the room felt much more closed in and really wasn’t drawing all the attention to the outside, which it should have! The ceilings were super low, and although the huge sliding glass doors to the back yard added light in, they were obviously dated, and didn’t do much for the space.

So we changed all that.


It was the perfect room to show off the new “” sofa, and the “” coffee table, both from my furniture line at


// BEFORE //

This room again, was kinda dark, super small…and was the only other “living / hangout” spot in the house. We decided to fill the whole corner with a giant “” sectional, in the color Moss. We sourced a really pretty muted rug from , added a funky leather woven chair, a cosy moveable “” ottoman, and some cozy pillows. The space is now much brighter and functional for the cool dude who now likes to watch TV and hang on the couch with the fam! No construction was done, just swapped out the windows, and its all looking much brighter!



// BEFORE //

That little nook to the left was the perfect spot for a unique shelving area. We did a combo of floating shelves with storage below…then we styled them up like we always do! That amazing photograph by artist   (also available at Shoppe) and cool vintage bench soften up the modern lines of the built-ins.




The first client wanted to keep the cabinets, so we made them work. We added a marble backsplash, countertops, and waterfall sides to the island. By removing the vent hood, and not adding island lighting, we kept the area feeling open. The focus could be all on the  !!(available at Shoppe) Adding a wood chevron accent to the island, made what was a pretty boring spot, kinda cool! The table is the “” (custom color available at Shoppe) and the chairs and rug are vintage.




The carpet and low ceilings were killing the vibe. So, it all went up and out…. Ceilings and carpet, SEE YA!



// BEFORE //




Not a huge reno in this room. We just brightened the paint, added a sleek new roller shade, and all the furniture. I have said it before, and I will say it again…the “” just makes me so freakin happy. If you missed it, its from my line of furniture now available at . In Fact…everything in this room is from Shoppe .. haha I need to chill on the self promo!




Again, we didn’t do much of anything construction wise in this room. We just gave the new owners adorable grand kids a pretty keeewl room!



// BEFORE //

This bathroom had so much potential, but was in pretty sad shape. We gave it a new vanity, some colorful custom tile, and an overall new vibe. It is bright, but I say thats alright! (poet didn’t even know it)



// BEFORE //

What once was booooring…. is now not so booooring!




This little bathroom off the Office had a ton of potential, but needed some love. We got rid of the pedestal sink, put some plumbing in the wall, added a concrete floating sink, a new , a wood mirror, and viola!


Supes Cutes right??

Per Usual… Photos by the one and only:

  1. I love your work. I am located in Nebraska, and there is nobody here that does your kind of style (of course). Would love to figure out how to have your style accessible here!

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  4. Such a beautiful home! We have a very similar layout in our kitchen and I’m curious what you did to replace the functionality of the hood. We’d love to ditch ours and open things up. Thanks for the inspirstion!

  5. hi Amber!

    Your work is always so cool and organic. love it all!

    Would you please tell me how I can purchase your “pray for Surf” artwork featured. Looked in your shoppe…no luck. I would love to get it for my son’s room.

    Thank you so much! Have a great day!

    Brandi sodi

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