Big Girl Decisions

May 12, 2014

Hi there friends! Happy Monday. Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend and if you are a Mama, have a mama, want to be a mama, or are a mama to your fur babies, then HAPPY BELATED MOMS DAY!!

I have 7 days left until we go to !!!!!!!!!!!!

I literally CANNOT wait but I am also petrified that I will be so stressed out that I won’t be able to let it all go and have a good ole time. As you saw the other day, I have a ton of projects that I will be bailing out on for 7 days and although I know all of my clients want me to have a good time and relax…..I am pretty positive that it will take great restraint to not check in everyday and worry about the “what if’s” of it all. What if what if what if??

Do you all ever get like that? Get crazy on all the “what if’s” of life?  I sure as shit do! When do these go away? Do they ever go away? Do they get worse with age??  Lets just talk about that for a minute..

Anyways, Besides my Vacay and pending close of my office for a week  some other big stuff has been going on. I have taken on 2 full-time employees!! This is the most amazing thing in the world!!  I feel so very lucky to be working with such talented and sweet girls. I truly feel like they are my kids and can’t wait to finally have the opportunity to really efficiently grow my business. Not gonna lie,  Its super scary that I will be responsible for now 3 Salaries (including my own), but I am very excited and proud that I made a big girl decision and am determined to become the business I know we can be!

Soon, I will formally introduce these two babes to you all, and you will for sure see them around here on the bloggy much more. Part of the new job description includes helping me with my blog content as well as focus on the growth of Znay INC. I realize fully that I cannot do it all on my own, and If I have more help with all aspects of my biz, I can focus on the bigger picture, instead of stressing the small stuff.

Wanna know what else is awesome??? I get to re-design my office to fit another desk! Sooooo I have been pulling some maje office inspo and here is what I have going on so far.












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I also need ways to infuse light into the space. We have AWFUL lighting, and the office gets no natural light…Its a cave.

so, I think I want to layer a bunch of Beni Ourain rugs down and use white desks etc to add a false send of brightness!!!

Stay tuned for updates…and maybe a mood board

  1. Congrats lady! Major step, and I can only imagine how it must feel to expand with new employees (98% excited, 2% scared?) I dream of the same thing. Here’s to many more!!

    And I can’t wait to see how you take care of the lighting inssue in your office. I’m setting up a basement studio with two teeny windows. Sigh…I know I gotta start somewhere but I can’t help dreaming of a light-filled space. Someday!!

  2. Having 2 more employees must be so exciting! Do you have an office at home or a seperate location? I like all of the organized storage.

  3. You go GIRL!!! Congrats!!!!
    I know the feeling! Trying to leave for a 3 week vacay next Tuesday! It doesn’t get any easier or less with age! Trust me!! You’ll always stress a tad! Have fun and UNPLUG!!! xoxo

  4. Congrats! Pop that champagne! You deserve the vacay and the new employees! Pic #8 reminds me of your former dining room with the banquet/window seat and colorful pillows. Could def see something like that in your rad new office space! Keep it up girl, you’re on fire!

  5. Congrats! I hope to be like you one day.

    I’m loving the inspiration for your workspace! I can’t wait for the reveal. I know it will be good!

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