Friday Thoughts on Things

May 2, 2014

1 // This bike would make even the least skilled cyclist look snazzy. Check out all the other colors .

2 // wool blanket would make the perfect gift.

3 // Even though I fancy myself an artsy fartsy kinda gal… My handwriting BLOWS. I always want to know how to brush up my skills and  calligraphy tutorial was quite helpful. I think I’ll try my hand at it (get it?!)

4 // I have found to rival all striped shirts.

: Before & After : Guest Bathroom Remodel

May 1, 2014

Remember a looooong while back when I talked about THIS little bathroom remodel we were working on?? Well we have officially wrapped it up!  It took a damn century, but it’s finally ready for its tiny debut. Let’s review…

The “before” bathroom was dull and lifeless. The vanity was just plain 80’s oak and the size was all wrong. The giant mirror looked a little dated, and the tiles and finishes were just a big bag of lame-balls..  My clients had fallen in love with tiles,

Bitchin’ Kitchens: Bailey McCarthy’s Top Picks

April 29, 2014

Up this week on the bitchin’ kitchen series is my pal Bailey McCarthy of . Bailey also owns , an online shop that sells amazingly cute bedding, art, and home accessories.. if you haven’t checked it out before– DO! And if you’re in the Houston area, you can peep her things at her brick and mortar location.

Here’s a look at Bailey’s picks..

I like kitchens that have a mix of fancy and rustic,

:: Artist Spotlight ::

April 28, 2014

I recently stumbled across the work of Sarah Boyts Yoder and am OBSESSED  to say the least.  Like seriously, everything she does is the best thing I have ever seen.( I don’t know if you picked up on this but I really really dig this girls art) Anyways, I think everyone needs to own a piece.. I chose a few of my faves to flaunt for y’alls eyes!!!

Check it.

Have a fab Monday lovers.

Friday Thoughts on Things

April 25, 2014

I swear I blink and another Friday is here and gone. Happy Friday lovers!

1 // did you hear about Andy Warhol’s Forgotten Floppy Disk Art that was found this week?? Go read  it’s pretty awesome.

2 // I have been rocking these  lately. They are so spring and oh so comfy. You should get yourself a pair.

3 // Check out these .