Client RadTrad

August 7, 2015

I really tried to crank out at least TWO blog posts for you this week, but I’ve been up to my eyeballs in #clientradtrad. We just got done with our presentation and I couldn’t have hoped for it to go any better….even despite the raging Design Marathon hangover I am currently suffering! No but seriously, these peeps are the coolest and kindest family around and are one of the many reasons why I love doing what I do. AND NO, I am not brown nosing…they don’t even read the blog! Anyways, they loved it all and are very excited about everything we proposed.  I am getting giddy just daydreaming about the “after” photos now. It’s going to be one RadTrad!

Here is a very tiny tiny amount of what will be going down in their crib…. feast your eyes on 3 rooms out of the 11 we presented, not including bathrooms and outside areas.

Znay - ClientRadTrad - 1

Znay - ClientRadTrad - 2

Znay - ClientRadTrad - 3


Happy Fri-Yay Y’all

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