February 12, 2018

Welp this was a fun one! This ADORABLE family contacted us to help make their newly built home feel a bit warmer and chic but also more cozy and livable for their three small kids. They had just moved across the country from New York and really wanted to make this space something that made them happy to come home to every day. We gladly accepted the challenge and moved forward tweaking a little, changing a little, and coming  up with a brighter, fresher pad.

I give you #clientwelcometolawehopeyoustay






// MUD ROOM //

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Photography by: Tessa Neustadt

    1. Hi Lauren – Love that you LOVE! The wallpaper was custom made for this project, and due to exclusivity to our clients we can’t give all sources. Hope you’re able to understand…

  1. BRUH. I’m dying. Every room is so good!

    Any chance you can share the dining room wallpaper source? Is it fornasetti paper in a blue colorway? I’ve only seen it in black and white. If so, is that the big size or the small one? I’m looking for exactly that for my powder room!

    1. Hey Lindsay – Girrrl thank you! The wallpaper was custom made for this project, and due to to our clients contract we can’t give out all sources. Hope you’re able to understand… We do love the fornasetti paper, and it may have been on the drawing board for this very project!! xx

  2. You guys did an amazing job! This home is beautiful! I really love the kitchen tile! What kind of trees are in the living room and master bedroom? I like be them!

    1. Felicia – Thank you for your kind words! The living room tree is a triangular ficus and i’m so sorry I’m blanking on the one in the master… If you show a nursery, they should be able to ID it for you!! xx

  3. What a beautiful home. I am hoping that you could share the maker of the black dining chairs at the kitchen table. Thank you so much.

  4. This is one gorgeous home! Where are the leather chairs in the family room from? I’ve been looking for ones just like them. Thanks for sharing and for being such a great source of inspiration for the home!

    1. Hi Kate! We actually sourced a couple from Marc Phillips Rugs in West Hollywood for this project.

      We normally have the best selection in-Shoppe for rugs, if not online. We did source two from Shoppe for this home.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Just gorgeous! I want you to be my designer one day as I love your design aesthetic! Where are the dining room curtains from? Thanks!

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