Coordinate your Living Room Colors

February 19, 2016

Yo! So I know how tough it can be to coordinate a big ‘ole living room – believe me. You have this perfect image in your head but then the outcome just looks B-L-A-H. I helped ya’ll out with this Get The Look from #ClientFreakinFabulous before… but be sure to check out my full guide on  – How to Coordinate Colors in your Living Room! Woo! Read the post  and have an amazing weekend lovelies!

eHow - Living Room1

  1. Thank you, Amber!! For years I have struggled with my living room, but this is just the kick start i needed. Especially the part about the pillows – you have inspired me! Love your rooms & your writing.

  2. Love your mix of bohemian/modern in a very beautiful, light way. Wondering where one would find wood chair frames such as those pictured in the living room of #clientsandycastles? I am looking for something exactly like those, and have seen various designers use them, but have never been able to source any! Thanks for all your lovely inspiration!

  3. It’s a great Idea Amanda Genther. Your full guide of eHow is really very helpful for everybody who wants to match their home color with furniture. Specially thanks to you for showing wood chair photo. This chair design is really creative.

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