Crushing On…Mason St. Peter

January 30, 2017

Hi y’all – Hope you had a dreamy weekend in the sunshine! Whether you stayed inside and worked – or – got outdoors to explore the newly green Los Angeles landscape… I of course, can’t turn off my brain on weekends anymore, but Pinterest makes it feel as though I’m “zenning” out. With that said, if you don’t already on Pinterest, do yourself a solid favor! I think Pinterest is an awesome tool to stay fully inspired when it comes to the design process. Follow along to see what I dig in design… Today I’m crushing on . Topanga Canyon has always offered me a strong sense of home – so this project just has all the feels…

Mason St Peter

  1. I used to go on Pinterest all the time but the “picked for you” stuff started driving me crazy. They come up even after adjusting my settings. Boo!

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