Friday: Thoughts on Things

March 28, 2014

thoughtsHere’s to the weekend lovers! My round up for the week..

1 // Manicure for April Showers Blues . Who would have thought had !! What DONT they have. This little post is making me wanna get “mani-crafty” … Can I get a trademark on that?

2 // I bought and they are real damn cute… Who would have thought that a half cowboy boot would come back…not me!

3 // Normally I am not really a fan of perfume. I wear an oil often, but is just a whole different story, it’s so fresh and smells so great. Plus the bottle is so clean lined and classic, it instantly makes your vanity snazzy.

4 //  article about my fave Interior Designer Peter Dunham on Goop was incredible! Peter basically ran down how to shop the Montpellier Fair in France. This market is on my bucket list, and now with this guide I won’t be a dumb ass tourist on the loose without cash or a clue.

5 +7 //Based on a readers’ comments about getting into quick shape, I will be starting Tracy Anderson’s 5 minute dance cardio workout .. Gonna get werkin on my fitness so I can sport some tight buns in . I bought the BEST new to help with the “after baby” boobs I now possess..

6 // account is a MUST follow. The hashtag #theoandbeau kills me!

8 // Crushing on salmon color for spring


  1. Try Tracy’s transforming & toning series. They are 20 to 30 min workouts that get your booty, arms and abs. Never felt better.

  2. A little late to the game here, but as someone who used to do Tracy for 3 years, I can recommend a better workout – Buti – it is yoga, plyos and tribal dance. Check it out at Plus it is actually fun.

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