//How to Choose Living Room Furniture//

March 3, 2016

Peeps. Listen up! Let’s take it back to the basics – I’ve got a  that helps you plan your living room furniture layout over on . I promise it’ll be worth your time, and you’ll all be thanking me later when your living rooms are looking mighty fine! But hey, I better get an invite to your next wine n cheese soirée – just sayin…

Hey – I have an idea – lets look at some living rooms that I’ve had a big fat girl crush on for a while now…

// 1 //

Living Room 1

<<  >>

// 2 //

Living Room 5

<< >>

// 3 //

Living Room 2

<< >>

// 4 //

Living Room 4

<< >>

// 5 //

Living Room 3

<< >>

  1. Hi Amanda, thanks for the link it really is a nifty little guide. I was hoping that there was going to be a guide to help me decide on what sideboard/bookcase in terms of specific pieces. I want something like this x 3:

    Or a single piece of larger furniture, but I can’t find anything like this that’s as wide as I want it to be. This interior malarkey is so frustrating, thanks to the Ehow guide I know I have the space for either, I actually thing that three of the above bookcases would look very classy.

  2. Choosing furniture design for living room and dinning hall will takes more time. whether we can get these design furniture’s through online ? suggest me some website to buy that !!!

  3. I am so happy you posted about living room designs. I so love the images you posted. It is like I’m smelling the coffee. It is so relaxing. I want to come home to this 🙂

  4. The family is moving out soon to a new home and right now, we are really busy finding the right furniture for the new home. We are keeping some from our old house but the living room furniture are not included so this post of yours is a great help to find what possible things we need for our new living room. Thanks a lot for the ideas and advice. \

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