How to Style Loloi Rugs and Pillows

May 14, 2015

Have you heard of the company, ? If not, you need to go check them out, because they have quite the selection of rugs and pillows for you to choose from. This post shows you how you can style up one of their neutral color rugs with ease!!  We already had a greenish gray color couch in the Shoppe, so using a neutral color palette was perfect for us. We fell in love with this beauty – and loved the dimension and texture of it! Doesn’t it kind of remind you of a tiny mountain range?? No, just me…Ok moving on. Anyways, I love it, and using this neutral of a rug, allowed us to have lots of play with what we added to the mix while decorating this little vignette. In our case, we plunked these onto the couch and wallah…it really saved the day with texture and tiny pops of color. What y’all think?

Znay - Loloi - Get the Look


more info on products can be found :        

 You can purchase Loloi’s products on several different sites and retailers around the nation. 

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  1. This is an ad. A genuinely beautiful and well-styled ad, but I love Amber Designs, I just could personally do without all of the flowery writing about these things like it’s not sponsored, and the links to a to-the-trade-only selection of products. Still a fan, just not of the paid sponsorship.

  2. The rug would really compliment my room, recently brought an ottoman from in plum and have been on the search looking for a beige rug and the one shown above is fantastic. Loloi have a fan in me now, great stuff!

  3. Amber, thanks for sharing about Loloi, I like the combination with the pillows. If you want to have a look at a different rug style, we invite you to check out our social enterprise products: hand-made, felt wool ball rugs in 69 color options. This is what our 70+ lady artisans create for most of our European clients:

  4. Well, many people ask the same and Amber does not respond, that friendly . I would also like to know where it is, because this look is what really attracts attention. I think it may be a quilt made from a tapestry.

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