Introducing: All Sorts Of

June 22, 2018

HEY GUYS! It’s been a minute!!! I promise you, though, all for good… in fact GREAT… reason!

I’ve been building up the hype for only the last two days, but like I mentioned, I’ve been working on this project for the last year and HOLY CRAP I can’t believe I’m finally sharing the news!!!! DRUMROLL PLEASE…..

I am launching a brand new blog called !!!!!

That’s right!! A BRAND NEW BLOG!!! This O.G. site you are currently on, right here, will be taking on an entire new life of its own. It is this glorious blog where it all began for us, and I’ve decided we have grown so much, it’s only fair to take the blog with us!

So, here is the plan. We’re going to be covering ALL SORTS OF things, hence the name. First and foremost, it’s going to be your go-to place for ALL the design-related questions that you’ve ever dreamed of. (trust me… y’all have a lot of ?’s). We’re keeping all of your favorite parts of the existing blog, like the “Before & Afters,” but in our new home we’re going to be talking about SO much more.

You guys want me to talk about the challenges of running a business? DONE.

You guys want a basic guide on how to pick the right rug for the space? NO PROBLEM.

You guys want to know how to style a bookshelf, or a side table, or an entire room? SURE THING.

You guys want city guides in the coolest places? YOU GOT IT.

You guys want interviews with the coolest makers, artisans, and bad ass bis bosses? I GOT YOU COVERED!!!

OK, here is what you need to do!  Take a sec and head over to and sign up for our e-newsletter. We’re a few months out from officially launching the full site, but man oh MAN, my team and I are busy bees making it reeeeeeeeally special for you guys.

I would LOVE nothing more, literally nothing, than for you guys to follow along on this new adventure. It’s going to be bigger and badder than everything we’ve done before and I’m so freaking excited to share it with you guys. PLEASE leave a comment below and tell me what you want to see on the blog!!! I’m all ears!!!

And just because I’m feeling REAL good and real excited, I must tell you all again.

!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS !!!!


  1. Exciting news! My husband and I recently moved to Los Angeles and discovered you and your talented eye for design. I would love to see a post about the top places in town to find various decor items–plants, artwork, furniture, accessories, window treatments, etc. It would also be helpful to see options at various price points. Congrats on all your hard work and thank you for helping us make our worlds a little more beautiful!

  2. So exciting, Amber!

    I’d love to figure out how to find my personal style when redesigning my house…some days I want modern farmhouse, others eclectic, and others all white/gray….ya know?!?! Help!!


  3. Hi Amber, follow your Instagram posts and love them, I am a small home based interior designer from Mooloolaba in Queensland Australia. One of your followers suggested I follow you as we have similar tastes… I’m looking forward to your new blog as I have so many questions re a high end bathroom I’m designing for myself next year and of course I am constantly second guessing myself. If it was for a client it would be no problem. Love what you do and how real you are. Talk soon.‍

  4. As an avid follower of yours Amber, I’m so excited to hear about this. I’d love to see more posts on how to style a pillow or maybe a shelf. Also, I plan on visiting LA in a few months (never been!). Can’t wait to see your posts on where to go/what to do. Anyways, congrats!

  5. Congratulations! I’ve been following your blog for years, and can’t wait to see the new one 🙂 Your designs are what keeps me coming back year after year, but I can’t afford to buy the items you decorate with, or even the items in your Shoppe. I would love some “high vs. Low” posts where you show an affordable version of something you’ve used in your designs. Like the inexpensive version of a chair or coffee you used for example. Congrats again!!

  6. Amber,

    I love it! I have been following you for years, and at some point, the “go for it!” attitude you put out there for others inspired me to finally start my own design business. It’s currently a tiny, baby business: I am running another and raising my daughter 98% of the day, so I look forward to your business posts (among the others, of course!). Woot!

  7. Yayyyyy!!! Can’t wait for the new blog. Would love to see some designs in older homes with more division within the home (not open concept). I hope to knock down a wall or two in the future, but for now, we love our 1925 bungalow with all of its separate rooms. I would love to get some more inspiration for that.

  8. Absolutely LOVE your work and have followed you for years!! I’m with the others saying the more ‘budget friendly’ ideas. I wish I could get so many things in your shop just can’t afford them either:( Any lower priced ‘look-a-likes’ would be great!

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