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March 8, 2016

So it’s only natural that March rolls along and I’m over here like “Hey world, Amber here – When can the Duck, Gwynnie, & I press pause and take a lil VAY to the CAY?!” Well, I’m becoming aware that there is never a good time to press pause and run in the opposite direction – and really – I don’t want to. I’m so in love with everything that’s happening over here at the good ‘ole AID, that I’m fine with a one-way ticket to day dream! I’ll just be in my office (sunnies on) shouting for piña colada’s and ceviche during the lunch hour. ANY WHO – to get back on topic – Here are my picks for all the peeps out there who have a vacation coming up in the next month or so! I also threw in some magical books from – check ’em out and !

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  1. Perfect timing! I keep going on vacations that are like sightseeing in big cities, which are great and all but I’m long overdue for some relaxation! Current google searches include the words: beach, all-inclusive, inexpensive. I need a pina colada too.

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