life according to my iPhone

May 17, 2013

So this week flew by!

I barely even paid attention to you lovers and I apologize!

Here is what life’s been like…according to my iPhone

The Duck, G and I took an adventure to the Natural History Museum in downtown Los Angeles.

we visited the dinos…
photo 2 copy 2

Boogied with some Bison

photo 5 copy 2

these antelope creatures, had real sketchy eyes…

I wanted to pet them still



Then we partied with some mountain goats… it was surreal

Can you believe this is Taxidermy???

I have never been to the Natural History Museum before and I was blown away..

photo 4 copy 2

Right outside the museum was the Butterfly Pavillion. It was a screened in greenhouse FILLED with butterflies and flowers. The monarch butterflies were beautiful…and numerous species just fluttered all around your head as you walked through the garden paths.

normally I would assume that this type of trippy nature stuff would only be cool when high….


I wasn’t high and it was amazeballs.


I saw Monarchs humping..

photo 1 copy 2

 I wore this outfit….because it was 900 degrees Celsius…

HEY, who wears short shorts??


photo 5


i did dammitt

photo 4

//  // // // // //

 then after my day of family fun…

it was back to work on a new client and checking in on some regulars!

my newest clients are bright and fun!

I have lovingly dubbed them “Client Cutie Pie’s” because seriously..I doubt there is a more fun and sweet family on the face of  planet earth…

Mama, Dad, and 2 beautiful babies…make 4 cutie pies.

here is a glimpse of whats going down..


photo 3

there will be much more of this project to come..but here is all I got for ya now.

I also paid “Client Awesome” a visit.

We messed around with a her nursery a bit and I checked in on the newly installed nursery bath wallpaper..could you just die!

this room is gonna be so flipping cute!

photo 1 copy

photo 3 copy 2

I also had some art framed…

look at the latest piece from I bought. I have a major addiction to her crazy good art..

her colors are always perfect!

photo 4 copy

then, I picked up some chairs for another client and had a miraculous event occur with these side tables ..

all I can say is sometimes the design gods work in my favor and the earth and moon and stars line up just perfectly so that I may score the deal of a century…just sayin’

photo 2

photo 2 copy

..and now here we are at Friday again, and I am off to Disneyland for the day just me and G and my BFF and her littleun..

No duck just us Moms and our 3 year olds..

Have a fun weekend friends!.. come visit me on if you wanna see my adventures.

ALSO I will be posting more to @shoppesale today…some really, really, good stuff!!


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