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August 19, 2016

Good Morning Blog World!

Checking in with you all about my partnership with Signature Kitchen Suite and my soon to be #NoOrdinaryKitchen – it’s just sooo DREAMY. I’m adding in my materials mood board and inspiration shots below for you all to take a closer look at. We have literally picked the best of the best out there – let me tell ya! Everything in this kitchen is going to look GORGEOUS. No joke.

Check out the Signature Suite Kitchen range below and tell me that’s not the swankiest range you’ve ever laid your eyes on! I DARE YOU. Seriously though, do you see those brass accents on the RapidHeat™ burners?! Not only are they gorgeous, but they will work like a charm once I get my hands on them. I can’t wait to get cookin’ on these babies. I’m in love. It goes perfectly with my light, neutral color palette and oil rubbed bronze hardware. I know it’s probably difficult to envision, but stick with me and I’ll prove to you that this kitchen’s going to be pure magic!! WOOO!!




Signature Suite Inspiration 4

SIgnature Suite Inspiration 3

Signature Suite Inspiration 1

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  1. love your work and have currently been on it a lot. This is off topic but I was wondering what your opinion is on indoor window shutters. Plantation shutters I believe is what they’re called.

  2. Oil-rubbed bronze very cool. Clay shaker cabinets and the thin-brick backsplash will look fabulous too.

    I know it’s hard to resist Calacatta marble countertops. Should know what you are in for maintenance-wise, though. They look stellar, but beware the etching and dull spots from acidic foods/drinks. Can be repaired diy, however, drives some people nuts. Maybe just the extra cost of having such gorgeous countertops!

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