New Project!

July 14, 2011

SO remember how yesterday I told you I was so busy my brain stopped working….well, here is some sneak peaks as to why I can’t remember to brush my teeth or pee before I leave the house every morning.

project 1: outdoor kitchen and area smorgashborg for my Palisades clients.

bad pictures, no landscaping and furniture has no accessories or zush…so this is all you get
project 2: Wedding 
yes, you heard me right I am planning a wedding and shit is getting close to go time. 
Inspiration Pictures

Project :3
 A pretty little cottage in Santa Monica CA.

Throw in a couple of E-Decor projects and a 2 year old……and you can see why my neck veins bulge on a daily basis.
I need to smoke a doobie..

  1. Нашел в интернете популярный web-сайт с информацией про Печь для пиццы

    holy wow. your back yard looks INCREDIBLE love it all!!! Cannot wait to see how you accessorize. And those projects are going to be sooo gorgeous, right up my alley. And umm planning a wedding? dream come true. you might be busy, but it looks pretty damn exciting to me!!

  2. Awesome!!!!! You totally deserve all the busy-ness, you have the best style.

    You’re making me miss decorating in California.. so many fun homes, stores, people. I’ll keep working on bringing that CA style to Charlotte 🙂

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