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September 30, 2016

Happy Friday! This month has flown by and so much has happened with my big bad kitchen remodel! They installed my appliances and I can’t get over how great they look. These appliances are some of the smartest around, while technology is ever evolving – so are they. It’s all about keeping up with the times and a big thanks to Signature Kitchen Suite for providing the appliances to help transform my space into my #NoOrdinaryKitchen.

This weekend I’ll be resting up and making a mean breakfast spread in my new kitchen! I don’t even have to get out of bed to preheat my oven – How cool is that? Since all appliances are wi-fi enabled, I can connect to each with just a finger tap. This remote pre-heating feature lets me rest for a few more minutes before poppin’ the bacon in the oven. HALLELUJAH! Which is great because Gwynnie has been so excited to cook breakfast, and has taken a specific liking to perfectly crisped bacon. Thank God I don’t have to use my nasty old oven – It definitely didn’t have even heat distributed on every rack like this jazzy new one!

Also, I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but my new dishwasher is so silent – I thought something was up at first. Good thing I realized it was fully functioning before I gave my fancy new 24/7 concierge service a call…

Hope you enjoy these images below, as they show a bit more of the kitchen space now that the appliances have been installed. Hang tight and know that the next kitchen post will be Drumroll Please BEFORE AND AFTERS!!


  1. This is amazing. My daughter 15 yr old loves to design homes and she told me today when I asked her what she wants to do when she is older. Her Response was “be like Amber”. ❤️

  2. I may be your biggest fan…my husband would definitely say I’d be tough to beat. We are slowly renovating our 1968 home and your work is incredible. Thank you for sharing it all! Any info on the kind of hardwoods you’ve chosen in your new home would be incredible. They are gorgeous!

  3. Love the combinations you chose in this kitchen! If you’re willing, I’d love to know the paint color of your upper cabinets and maker of light fixture above your sink.
    Thanks for considering!

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