June 25, 2014

I have been a long time fan of Artist , so it was no surprise that when I stumbled upon a really rad house on ,  It was no shocker that it belonged to Carla and her Man Candy hubby Brett Langsford. I have asked this question a plethora of times and I will ask it again…..WHY IS AUSTRALIA SO FREAKING COOL?? AND WHY HAVE I NEVER BEEN THERE? AND WHY IS EVERYONE GOOD LOOKING?? Or if they are not super good looking than , they dress cool, and talk cool, and have great hair?


Anyways, It remains a universal mystery, but regardless I am happy that the Aussies keep cranking out so much awesome inspiration. Carla and Her hubby’s  was featured over on   and as expected its laid back, its comfy, and its so effortless it kinda makes me angry that I will in fact, never be this cool. Plus is just an added insult to injury that the couple is soooo good looking. Lets review and then leave feeling terrible about ourselves.

Haha, just kidding…kinda








+ +

yep, see what I mean..Its freaking great.

Now go on about your day daydreaming about this for a bit.

  1. Amber, I think it’s time to get yourself down there! It is truly a fabulous place, I yearn for it and my heart aches for it on a daily basis, go, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed…

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