Noteworthy: Yay or Nay-Nay ….a little house

August 25, 2015

 I am not that hip…let’s be honest. I can pretend I am though, because I work in an office full of 25 year olds who by far keep me ” in the know” with what all the cool kids are doing.

I guess these tiny houses are real, and I am on the fence. And when I am on the fence I ask myself one and only one crucial question…. is there enough room to whip or nay nay???

What say you…? ?

One Tiny Tiny Home -1

One Tiny Tiny Home -2

One Tiny Tiny Home -3

One Tiny Tiny Home -4

One Tiny Tiny Home -5

One Tiny Tiny Home -6


  1. Yay for sure. Wouldn’t several of these make up a great family compound on a lake, encouraging everyone to spend time outdoors and away from the electronics?!

  2. Yay indeed! Just like Nikki, this kind of little house is great mos especially if you have a huge compound. I can see my self having this kind of little house some day. And oh I’ll definitely make a room where I can whip and naynay. Just watch me! 🙂

  3. They are a great concept!. If you really take the time and consider what best suits your family they could be so economical and stylish (as you’ve shown). Plus there are a lot of options for off-the-grid/ sustainability if you’re into that.

  4. It may because I’m a 25 year old, but these are a BIG YAY for me! There’s a certain minimalistic surrealism that comes with these teeny, little houses. The notion that you can just chuck everything and enjoy some quality time with things of true value and need, and maybe a person or two!

  5. Nay for me. So adorable and cute to look at but I need art/books/dogs/husband and kids…and the space to spread out.

    That said, it does make an argument for keeping things simple and having an eye on what matters. In that way the tiny houses are an inspiration…do we really need a bigger home? I wonder. (but as my kids enter teen years I think – yes – I need a space for those boys to hang out other than my living room) And I could totally see one of those adorable houses as a getaway home for the weekend or solo retreats but more than one other person and I would go bonkers and find the closest hotel.

    Alas, some of us have a real magazine hoarding situation…but maybe a tiny house for the magazines to live in? Yes, a tiny library for all those shelter mags I can’t part with. If I had that I might never Pin anything again.

    Thanks for the post Amber – fantastic eye candy.

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