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one room three ways with Anthropologie – Znay-

one room three ways with Anthropologie

July 10, 2014

It’s no secret that I am an gal through and through. It’s funny because one of my fondest memories as a tween involved .  When I was in the 8th grade (about 3 thousand years ago) I became obsessed with a dress I spotted in an catalogue. From the minute I laid my eyes on it I knew I had to make it mine. As most tween-agers do, I ripped the page out of the catalogue and taped it to the wall above my bed. I would stare at the waif grungy girl, modeling the dress and imagine myself in the outfit. Ya see back in the  ole’ 8th grade all I cared about was being Drew Barrymore. I chopped all my hair off, wore a fake sunflower scrunchie daily, and bought some burgundy 8 hole Doc Martens . The lacey baby-doll  with an empire waist and a tiny floral under slip was everything I needed to complete my “Girly Grunge Drew Barrymore” vibe.  I was too young to work, and couldn’t legally sell any organs, so I took up hounding my Mom. The damn dress was literally all I thought about, and so the day when my Mom caved and took me to the Anthropologie store on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, will always be a fond memory of mine. Thinking back I remember being JUST as excited to be in the store as I was buying the dress.

Imagine my excitement when I fast forward to 20 years later ( just aged myself, like whoa) I am approached to work with !!!

 Not gonna lie.. I totally got emotional, and may have shed a little tear. It’s seriously so flattering to work with companies you admire and look up to ESPECIALLY big ones like Anthro! Anyways, we were asked to review and decorate a bedroom using their new incredible and  I couldn’t wait. I figured if I was gonna get the chance to work with Anthropologie, I was gonna go all out, and so we decided to do a “1 room 3 looks” style post! Same  in all the looks just styled a bit different.

Here was what we came up with!









Znay for Anthro Cali Cool

// // // // // //








Znay for Anthro Mid Century

// // // // //  //







Znay for Anthro Boho Chic

// // //

and there ya have it!

I am also over answering some Q & A’s over on the  Blog. Head over if you wanna hear more!


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  1. Wow! In love with all 3! I was just wondering if you could share the source of the patterned blanket on the bed in the first look? It is so perfect!

  2. Perfection. All of them. I love the throws/quilts but don’t see them in the Shoppe or at Anthro. Sources, pretty please? Love what you do. Thank you!

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