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November 16, 2017

Not sure if anyone else is feeling the same at the moment but… time is flying by WAY TOO FAST!! All I want to do is press pause with my fam and enjoy every minute with them! It felt like we did just that a couple weeks ago, and it was perfect to spend the day together, playing and listening to our favorite music. Since we have the holiday season coming up – I guess moments like that will have to wait a lil bit. We’ve got a bunch of clients waiting to move into their new homes before the holiday’s, so it’s GO TIME around the ole Ambular Interiors office. We are all a movin’ and a groovin’, let me tell ya!

Since I’m so busy, there’s nothing I love more than adding ease to my every day life – even if it helps me enjoy one or two seconds more of my day. I hate having my face buried in my smart phone all the time, and because of that, I’m REALLY loving Sonos’ new smart speaker – The . You can straight up control this device, with your voice, and use it to play any song in any part of your house. So you better friggin’ believe I walk in the door, after being at the office all day, and que the music riiiiight away. It’s real snappy… and actually – the only thing that would impress me more, is if it was activated by a finger snap. I mean… it would make for a pretty cool upgrade if ya ask me! … But, C’mon – All jokes aside, it doesn’t even need an upgrade – the sound quality is out of control.

Go ahead and take a goosey gander below at how pretty this speaker is. Heads up – they make it in black & white, so it can fit in perfectly to any home. Plus, you can tie it in nicely to your ‘Shelfie’, without it looking like a big bulky eyesore (it’s about time yo!).

Photography by the beautiful and talented:

  1. Wow! I love the guitars on the wall design. Think I may have a re-design brewing inside! Who knew they could bring such beauty to a room. Then again, my guitars are amazing! Of course they’d look good on the wall hahaha!

  2. Huh. Yours is a music family! 4 guitars! It will be cool spending an evening by playing guitars and dancing with the family. I really like the way things arranged in your house. I particularly liked the way things are arranged on the shelf. There is a pattern in it and it really catches the attention.

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