Take it or Leave it?

September 10, 2013

its always interesting to get the opinions of others….dont you think???

especially when it comes to interiors

lets play a little game of “Take it or Leave it?”





TAKE IT ..or .. LEAVE IT ?

Villa-in-Madrid-elegant-interiors-eclectic-style-in-design-family-home-design (5)



Villa-in-Madrid-elegant-interiors-eclectic-style-in-design-family-home-design (7)





what say you inter-lovers

  1. Leave it
    Take it
    Leave it
    Take it

    Really the first and last one got the biggest reactions from me. The first would be better for me with all that pattern in subdued colors. The bathroom is close to perfection – a bigger tub and brass fixtures would have made it perfecto!

  2. I saw this as more what would you leave or take from each room…
    Room #1: Loved it, I just would have preferred a more subdued wallpaper color. really loved the detail at the top, leaving part of the stencil off. Definitely Take it.
    Room #2: Eh, it’s ok. Not a fan of the red, shiny light fixture, but nothing else stood out as especially bad. Like the floor pattern, the planters outside, and the doors. Take it.
    Room #3: Boring. Leave it.
    Bathroom: Leave it. Looks like something from grandma’s house. Horrible fixtures. Overwhelming wallpaper, too small tub. Looks kind of dirty and claustrophobic with the wallpaper on the ceiling.

  3. 1. Conflicted – I am really overwhelmed by how much it feels like a menagerie, but I LOVE that fuscia tufted sectional. Sans the wallpaper or with fewer pieces of art I would Take it!
    2. Take it
    3. Take it
    4. Leave it

  4. Leave it
    LOVE it
    Take it
    Leave it- I like this minus the insanity of the wallpaper. Its just a bit too much, though I’d still like a patterned wall paper, just slightly more subdued.

  5. #1: Leave it (want to like it–it’s so ballsy, but the blue and pink together are too much, and I hate the lamp and sea horse throw in the space…)
    #2: Take it (but leave the silly red light ball thing)
    #3: Take it (digging the eclectic pieces, symmetry and not-quite symmetry… but I’m not gasping over it either)
    #Take it (love the wallpaper and the use-what-you-have tile… sink fixtures could be replaced)

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