TOP 10 // Tulum Style

January 25, 2018

Is it the weekend yet?? What a week! I’ve literally been non-stop since Monday morning. Styling. Photoshoots. Meetings. Presentations. Site-Visits. You name it. That being said – can you blame me for dreaming about TULUM?? Noooope. This post is a pre-cursor to a new post I’ll be introducing come February… hint hint next month’s will be about Tulum.

Would you guys be down if I started giving you tips and secrets about vacation spots? Some that I have been to … Some that my trusty employees have been to… You tell me! I always stress about where to go when I travel to another city… so if I could help y’all ditch the lame stuff – that would be kinda cool…right?

In the meantime… I’ve selected 10 items that will help transport you to Tulum in style. Take a look below, shop the links, and comment your favs. Enjoy xx





4. Rug –



7. / Jumbo Copabu Bowl




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  1. LOVE to hear any travel tips, restaurant, shops to visit, etc…
    Especially love to hear about beach destinations
    Your a company does inspirational work and your sense of fun is off the charts. Keep it going…we clearly LOVE you!!!

  2. I love the martage storage unit! The only thing I didn’t like doing is assembling it. I always needed my husband to help with that part. We use this in our kids playroom and we hid every toy!!! Our playroom looks clean and modern. Love this piece I definitely recommend!

  3. Yes! I have a Riviera Maya trip coming up in June (with three kids), and have never been. I would LOVE any tips and tricks…

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