February 20, 2018

Y’ALL READY FOR THIS?! ( starts playing) You’ve only been asking for about 970 years – just kidding – it’s been exactly 4 years since my last White Paint roundup!

Yup, That’s right

I finally made some time to give you the 2018 edition of  my “go-to” White Paints!! – Woot Woot!

Now I must say, picking paints, even for me can be a general headache. White paint can be super simple to choose or like solving some wicked calculus problem, after 12 beers, and doing a hand stand on a yoga ball…

a little Tricky.

You see, paint changes in every environment, every light, every season, and sometimes trying to gauge what color works best in the space, can make you feel half insane. But I don’t want anyone to get admitted to the looney bin on account of white paint hysteria, so I’ve done you a solid and included all my top picks from Dunn Edwards (my personal fav) and Benjamin Moore below.  While I do have a couple other brands of paint I LOVE (specifically Farrow and Ball, but I am planning on dedicating an entire post to that brand soon) lets get to my top dawg all stars first.  I’ve been at this for a few years now and these are my go to’s to sample out on ANY and EVERY job. They are without fail almost always good..no, they are always GREAT.


We used Dunn Edwards “White Heat” on the walls throughout all of the #clientohhiojai house. We wanted a warmer white, and one that didn’t make the house feel to sterile! In some lights this paint read a bit sandy beige, but in other lights, it was like a deep saturated vanilla! thats why testing in your own home is SO important!

When it came to my own quick kitchen (#clientmemyselfandIcantmakeupmymind) , living room remodel I tried out a new color… “Millk Glass” by Dunn Edwards! Let me tell you, I am one smitten kitten over this shade. It has an olive green undertone, which sounds crazy, but it really works well! I have been using it a LOT lately ever since I was the gineau pig!

In #Clientradtrad I went with “Whisper” from Dunn Edwards. this is also a warmer white, with vanilla undertones, but I would say its much more bright than say the “White Heat” is.

not done yet….

Yeah – That’s right, I gave you two roundup’s – one for each of my fav white paint brands!



For #clientforrealzthenicestpeopleontheplanet ,we used “White Dove”. It is a very Neutral white, but will read more warm in most lights. If I had to pin down just what the undertone color would be, it would be a tiny bit greige.

In the same house, we switched up the paint in the family room/den to make sure the room felt a lot more bright! Here, we chose to use “Simply White” . This made for the perfect crisp and neutral white that never felt to stark or cold.

For #clienthollaatlajolla we went with a very white…white. “Decorator’s White”. Sometimes this is best on cabinetry, or trim, but in this house, it worked just right for all the walls, trims, and ceilings!

Lastly – Here are my 2 very, VERY, important tips that you must follow….

and don’t you forget ’em

1. Paint out LARGE samples on your actual walls (at least 24″ x 24″) OR paint out some sample boards at the same size.

2. Live with them for a couple of days, check them out in the morning, afternoon, and night. Take note how they change with time of day. If you have sample boards, move em around. They could surprise you. All rooms and paints are not created equally – put in the time and effort and you’ll thank me later!!

Sooo there – you basically just got the deets without the whole “hiring me” thing. … Now just hop on over to and snag a pillow combo or two, and you’ll know all my decorating secrets.

Hope this helps a bit, and thanks for stopping by and taking my advice

Now go get your white paint on peeps!


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  1. Whites are SOOOOOO hard! My husband is having a good time making fun of all my white samples. Simply white was too yellow, but Chantilly Lace was too bright white. I finally decided to make a decision yesterday and have the guy mix a paint that was halfway between the two! Fingers crossed that I like it!!

    1. I had the same issue with BM Simply White.we have a lot of heart pine in our house- ceilings and floors, so a lot of orange undertones. Ended up with SW Pure White and love it! It has just a tad of warmth to it but much brighter than the BM

  2. Thank you, Thank you! I have so many brands and 2′ sections on my walls trying to decide which way to go… this will add a few more but I may possibly find “the one” now!

  3. What finish would you recommend for white dove? I really wanted egg shell, but with 3 toddlers, I went with semi-gloss. I feel like it’s too shiny. What finishes do you recommend?

    1. I have eggshell benjamin moore all over my house and everything wipes off with a mr clean magic eraser. Semigloss is too shiny! Shows too many wall imperfections (if you are in an old house)!

  4. Thank you!!!! I have been pinning whites and tans for a cabinet redo and struggling to find the right shade. I say bring on more paint roundups!!!

  5. I am in the middle of a white paint battle as we speak. Recently moved into a 1967 “cottage” but with strong mid century tendencies – think fireplace. I painted the living room bm white dove, but it screams yellow. I can’t stand it. So I just tried simply white in a west facing bathroom. Again, yellow. Lemon yellow to be exact. Chantilly Lace seems to be working out well, but has more of a green tint. Repainting the bathroom white heron today since I can’t live with the lemon yellow. The strange thing is that in my last house, circa 1942, much more traditional,
    I painted a much more creamy white called collectors item, looked white throughout the whole house. How white dove and simply white appear yellow in this house is beyond me.

    1. I just went through this. Try Dunn Edwards- White, that she recommends in her article. I did and I LOVE it. It pulls nothing- just white. It’s perfect.

  6. Okay, I never comment but have basically been around the block with white paint. Four years ago, before it was Color of the Year, before it went ballistic on social media, I painted my whole interior Benjamin Moore Simply White. I’m telling you, it was SO YELLOW it made me want to die after a year. I also did a big no-no and painted my ceiling BM Super White for contrast (dumb) BUT I loved it four years later. So now, I re-painted the entire thing Super White and I can sleep again. We get a lot of light in here so be careful with Simply White!

  7. I agree with many of the comments. Simply White was WAY too yellow for us! I’m really hoping White Dove works better for our home.

    1. Be careful. In our home white dove reads more yellow than simply white. We have white dove and were considering repainting to simply.

  8. We have 4 white rooms in our house that have been painted in the last two years. I’ve used same color but different sheen for trim and we’ve painted the ceiling a shade of blue in two of those rooms. Valspar’s Du Jour has been our go to white.

  9. Great roundup! I’m about to paint the entire exterior of my red brick house white. What shades are your favorites for white painted brick? I prefer a pure white (no yellow or warm tones) but I don’t want the exterior too harsh.

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